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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Audit

Ensuring the cyber security of its infrastructures is a priority of any company. Hacker attacks can lead to huge ramifications:
  • Major financial and reputational damage
  • Industrial cyber espionage
  • Blackmail of company management or random employees
  • Theft and leakage of confidential information, company’s solutions and know-hows
  • Risk of costs and massive data losses while being unable to restore backups in case of hackers using the encryption software

«M13» provides a comprehensive service package in cyber security. If you need a consultation or have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: mis@m13.ru

Services we provide:

  • Cyber security consulting
  • Penetration testing (WhiteBox, BlackBox)
  • Advanced persistent threat (APT) Emulation
  • Conducting the "Instant Response" exercises between BlueTeam and RedTeam
  • Application Analysis
  • System-load testing

Cyber security consulting

  • Guidance on the implementation and use of cyber security tools
  • Assistance in the implementation, configuration and use of cyber security tools
  • SDL
  • Consultation and development of regulatory legal acts on cyber security

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is meant to detect security vulnerabilities. Classic penetration testing methods include:

  • WhiteBox (White Box method). Targeted software testing, which assumes that the internal structure / implementation of the system is known in advance
  • BlackBox (Black Box method). Targeted testing, which assumes no prior knowledge of the structure / implementation of the tested system

Advanced persistent threat (APT) Emulation

The most sound and modern method of testing and analyzing the infrastructure’s security. Our experts imitate a full-scale targeted attack, during which the attacker, while trying to conceal his presence, uses a wide range of actions against the organization's infrastructure.

"Instant Response" exercises

On average, the detection of system penetration takes from 6 months to a year. During this period an intruder is able to inflict significant damage. We offer a security response check, which helps to train the security team and fine-tune all the available security features.

Application Analysis

App developers rarely think about cyber security while making an application. That is why self-made applications often have security vulnerabilities, which might be exploited. Our experts analyze the app’s code, detect its vulnerabilities and give guidelines for remedial actions.

System-load testing

While initially building an information system, not everyone thinks about the system load and the impact of users. Cases of DDoS attacks meant to disrupt the competing company’s business are becoming more and more frequent. Our experts will conduct a load testing of your IS and advise you on its resistance to DoS and DDoS attacks.


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