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Web solutions

Web-oriented solutions

Web-oriented solutions: mini CRM-systems, scripts, report programs, integrating web-solutions with external CRM.

In 2017 M13 entered the programming market for call-centers and contact-centers (call processing centers).

Built-in scripts have limited capabilities, so call-centers often create specialized scripts for processing a call.

In fact, this kind of script is a mini CRM-system that covers all business processes transferred by the client to the contact-center for implementation.

These solutions can be used not only by call-centers, but also by other organizations, which serve a large number of clients through telephone or interactive communication channels.

Why it is necessary to use our solutions:

  • Formalizing the communication between call-center operators and clients in order to collect all necessary information within the legal framework
  • Increasing the operator productivity
  • Automating the business process management
  • Integrated metadata accounting for all calls
  • Creating high-load, distributed and standby CRM-systems
  • Reducing the reaction time of the operator, effectively improving customer satisfaction
  • Reduced talk time with the client
  • Increasing the flexibility and transparency of all internal production processes management due to centralization, achieved by focusing the necessary mechanisms
  • Improving the effectiveness of forecasts and development strategies through less costly, more timely analysis and reporting, based on accurate and complete data collected by operators
  • Integrating call-center customers with internal CRM, including SAP, 1C-based systems, Megaplan, etc.

Who is our customer:

  • Contact-centers
  • Finance and banking
  • Insurance companies
  • Promotion and advertising
  • E-Commerce

What we develop:

  • Full-cycle information systems for contact-centers
  • Corporate information systems
  • Corporate portals
  • Services
  • Reverse engineering and upgrading of existing systems

Why you should outsource the development of complex systems:

  • We have a large staff of experts — programmers, analysts, database specialists, interface designers and testers
  • The diversity of tasks allows for continuous improvement
  • As a result, the software we create is reliable and fast
  • On the one hand, you’re no longer dependent on a couple of your own programmers or freelancers, and on the other, we can easily and painlessly replace a developer who has left the project

Services we provide:

  • The participation of analysts in negotiations with the contact-center client in order to develop technical solutions (including participation in presale)
  • Advising contact-centers’ staff at all times
  • Writing the statement of work, including polling the future users
  • Analysis and development of technical specifications, design
  • The actual software development
  • Development of evaluation tests (at the level set by the contact-center)
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance
  • Additional programming (iterative development process)


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